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How To Use The Diabetic Patch

Position to Place the Diabetic Patch

The black circle (contains herbal medicine) of the patch should be placed just above your navel as the transdermal absorption is best in that area.

Do Not Stop Taking Medication

You should continue taking your medication and monitor your blood sugar while using the patch. If you respond well to the patch, you may discuss with your medical professional to reduce or stop your medication. Some of our customers are responding so well to the patch that their doctors told them to slowly reduce their insulin dosage. (Note: Do not reduce or stop your medication unless it is approved by your doctor)

Remove Diabetic Patch While Showering

Remove the Diabetic Patch before you shower and put it back on after. Do not get in contact with water while having the patch on even though it is waterproof as your skin may develop rashes if the patch isn't tightly attached to your skin and water gets into it. Make sure you wash your navel and dry it properly before putting the patch back on so it will stay on and also to avoid allergic reaction.

Keep Skin Dry & Clean At All Times

Keep your skin clean and dry while wearing the Diabetic Patch and avoid sweating too much. We recommend changing the patch more frequently if you sweat while wearing the patch.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you will need to change the patch more frequently.

Alternative Adhesive

If you’re allergic to the adhesive or the adhesive doesn’t stay on even after following the above steps, you can cut out the black circle (which contains the natural herbal medicine) and put it on with a different adhesive you’re comfortable with.

Treatment Course

We recommend using 10-15 patches as a full course of treatment. Each patch can be used for 3-4 days (change the patch more frequently if it's contaminated with sweat, oil or dirt etc). If you're seeing stable blood sugar levels after the first course of treatment, you may stop using the patch but continue to monitor your blood sugar closely. If it remains stable, you may stop using the patch completely. If it doesn't hold, you may resume with the next course of treatment 4 days after completing the last course of treatment.